How It Works What is the ECO Scheme ?

How It All Began

EcoGreenHeat is environmental friendly fully licensed PAS2030 certified Government funded organisation. With Millions of pounds of liability insurance in place and fully backed up by Government ECO scheme, all of the domestic energy performance improvements are fully insured and are carried out up to the standards and according to the national Building and Gas safe regulations.

For extra piece of mind and to ascertain the quality and safety is not compromised, EcoGreenHeat has invested heavily and partnered with leading energy and building industry experts to carry out technical monitoring procedures to minimise errors during installs and to ensure that correct regulatory rules and safety guidelines have been followed and fully implemented at all times.

EcoGreenHeat is proud to have panel of some of the best Certified Gas and Insulation Engineers with decades of experience behind them to do their Job to the best of their ability. Our aim is to help home owners of Great Britain in making their properties highly energy efficient and environmental friendly by installing A rated Gas boilers and Under floor insulation completely free of cost or heavily subsidized funded by Government ECO scheme.

If you want to learn more about the ECO scheme, please visit the GOV.UK WEBSITE.

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