First Time Central Heating First Time Central Heating

After the warm front heating scheme many many years ago where Government use to pass funding for a boiler and 5 radiators, in 2019 UK Government has introduced fully subsidised funding for the properties in the uk which do not benefit from central heating at all, to Elaborate further for better understanding if a house has never had a central heating installed before since it has been built then it qualifies for Free first time central heating regardless of weather it is occupied by a home owner or a tenant as long as the residents of the property is receiving qualifying state benefits.

Under the First time central heating scheme a brand new gas boiler is installed in the property as long as the property has a Gas supply and a gas meter and in every habitable room a radiator will be installed.

If your home or if you are a landlord and your rented property never had a central heating system before please fill out contact Us form below or give us a call and one of our expert grants advisor will be more than happy to help and answer all your questions.


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